Migraines and Headache Treatments

Approximately two million Australians suffer chronic migraines. Chronic migraines can be debilitating for many sufferers, with many of them experiencing 15 or more days of severe pain each month. The same substance used in anti-wrinkle injections known as Botulinum toxin type A is also used to treat migraines and severe headaches.

What are the special advantages of treating migraines?
By treating this condition, you have the ability to live without the nasty and debilitating migraine symptoms which can greatly affect family, work, and social life.

What is involved in the procedure?
Our Doctors will meet with you to lean more about the causes of the migraines and decide which type of treatment will best suit you. To perform the treatment, our expert Doctors will inject multiple doses of the medicine in specific points along the bridge of the nose, the temples, the forehead, the back of the head, the neck, and the upper back.

The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and there is little down time following the procedure.

How often is treatment required?
Treatment can last up to 6 months. We like to review the initial treatment after 3 months to ensure your migraines don’t return.

Are there any side effects?
There are very little side effects. Occasionally people can experience slight bruising or redness which should subside within a few days.

Who is suitable for this treatment?
During your consultation the doctor will review your medical history and make a decision on whether you are suitable for this procedure.

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