Double Chin Reduction with fat dissolving injections

Don’t let a double chin weigh down on your confidence! Although weight, genetics and ageing can all impact on a sagging appearance under your chin, there have been recent advancements in cosmetic injectables. So throw out those turtle neck jumpers, thanks to cosmetic injectables from Dr. Dennis Millard you can show off a beautiful neck line with confidence.

Advantages of treatment

In February 2017 a revolutionary new treatment was approved for use in Australia. Due to strict Australian Laws we are not able to advertise the brand name of this treatment as it is a prescription only medication.

While it may come as a surprise – one in three Australian women surveyed report having a double chin. It weighs them down – with women saying it makes them look overweight, reduces self-confidence and makes them self-conscious, with studies amongst men who felt a double chin was in the top four facial problems.

What’s involved?

The active ingredient in fat dissolving injections, deoxycholic acid, is a purified, synthetic version of a naturally-occurring molecule in the body, which aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat and removes them through the body’s own waste systems.

When it is injected under the chin through a series of multiple injections and broken down the fat cells, the fat cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. This treatment is thus a long-term solution to removing stubborn fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise – such as a double chin.

Are there side effects?

We strongly recommend that only medical professionals perform this procedure.

Time Frames.

It normally takes between two and four treatments to get the desired result, spaced at least four to six weeks apart leading you to a chiselled jaw line in no time! The amount needed will be determined at your initial consultation where Dr Dennis Millard will address your concerns and your suitability for a treatment with fat dissolving injections.

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