Men’s Hair Loss

According to the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration, 40% of Aussie men will have signs of hair loss and baldness by age 35.

Hair loss and balding is a common issue affecting both men and women which can lead to impaired self image, self confidence and premature ageing.

To treat hair loss and balding, we use a combination of natural medications and supplements, along with a simple daily treatment to assist in restoring hair loss.

Advantages of treating hair loss
A simple and effective treatment, which creates a gradual increase in hair density. This avoids rapid, sudden changes which would appear obvious, and creates a very natural appearance.

What’s involved?
It involves a consultation with the Doctor, followed by a simple daily regime at home. Two monthly appointments are scheduled with the doctor to assess progress and recommend changes.

Are there side effects?
There are no major side effects to this treatment

How long will it take?
This depends on the treatment goals but good results should be noticed within 3-6 months depending on the individual.