Beware of fixed pricing, discounts and offers.

Beware of fixed pricing, discounts and offers.

Cosmetic medicine treatment is a booming industry within Australia and with it comes many businesses seeking to specialise in this area. As a result, there is more competition and choices leading many medical cosmetic practices to find new and enticing ways to attract and retain existing clientele.

The words “sale”, “discount”and “special offers” are often used as marketing tools to attract business and if you’re anything like us, it’s always hard to say no to a good deal particularly if you are astute bargain hunter seeking to save a few dollars.

When it comes to getting treatment such as wrinkle relaxers on your face and body, Australians need to be aware that cheaper doesn’t always mean you are getting the best deal. In fact, it can mean the complete opposite in the business of medical cosmetics.

 Let’s face it, we all have one face and one body therefore people who select treatment such as wrinkle relaxers or fillers based on getting the cheapest price may be playing a game of Russian roulette on what should be one of the most valuable things we will ever possess.

At Utopian Cosmetics, we encourage all those seeking to undergo any medical cosmetic treatment to do their research and ensure that they have all the available material to make an informed decision.

Each patient is unique and therefore treatment needs to be customised to suit that individual’s needs. Many aren’t aware, that the amount of wrinkle relaxer or filler required is dependent on your age, your lifestyle, medical history and your current skin/body condition. Based on all these factors, an experienced and qualified doctor will advise what areas need to be treated and how much is required. For example, a 50 year old man may require more wrinkle relaxer for deep-set wrinkles caused by years of sun exposure compared to a 25 year old female who is seeking preventative treatment to minimise the effects of wrinkle formation.

When businesses offer fixed pricing on certain treatments, this may not be a true reflection of what you may actually need. In some instances you may require less however, as the prices are fixed you could possibly be charged more. In an even less desirable outcome, you may be given more or less wrinkle relaxer or fillers than required for that area you want treated which can lead to unfavourable results and sometimes cause long-term complications.

When you come across “special offers” be aware of what is included and ensure you are having a proper consultation with a qualified doctor prior to going for treatment. Get to know and understand yourself, what you think you need and what your desired outcomes are rather than focusing too much on getting “that deal” as no one should be bargaining on their faces and body.

If you have any questions regarding treatment and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact Utopian Cosmetics on or 1300 311 755.