Treating per unit or per area?

Within Australian, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of clinics that treat patients with wrinkle relaxers and charge them on a ‘per area’ basis. When charging a set amount per area, most of the time, the amount of units used has to be capped at a particular amount (say 12 units for $199) to ensure cost effectiveness for the clinic. This style of treatment can result in patients being over-treated and receiving a “frozen” appearance or being under-treated and not achieving their desired result.

At Utopian Cosmetics, we understand that every patient is an individual and therefore requires individualised treatments.  For example, a 25 year old female will require far less units of wrinkle relaxers in the forehead than a 65 year old male.

We ensure all our patients receive natural looking results in a cost effective manner. This is why at Utopian Cosmetics, we do not charge on a ‘per area’ basis or have a set amount of units we use per area.

Dr Millard provides extended appointments to all patients to ensure a proper analysis of your facial features and facial muscles is undertaken, this ensures you receive the correct amount of wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers for your face and receive a natural looking result.

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