I’m 25 year’s old – am I too young for wrinkle relaxers?

When people discover I work in the cosmetic injectables industry, a common question that is asked is “do you get wrinkle relaxers or fillers?”.  A common statement I also receive is “you’re too young for wrinkle relaxers or fillers”. So let me lay down the facts:

Wrinkle relaxers are injections into an area underneath the skin to relax the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. There is a common myth that wrinkle relaxers “freeze” the muscles in that area. This is not true. The wrinkle relaxers injected into the muscle relaxes it and stops the muscle from being able to contract which cause the lines.

Wrinkles are developed and strengthened over a period of time due to causes such as smoking, sun damage, genetic factors and general ageing. Over time, these factors cause the muscles in the area to strengthen and cause both static and dynamic wrinkles to appear. In my personal case, a mix of general ageing and severe sun damage has been the major factors in the skin on my face prematurely ageing.

So how is this treatment preventative?

By starting treatment when the wrinkles first appear has two main benefits. Firstly, treating the lines when they first start to appear by relaxing the muscles means during the three to six months following the treatment (which is how long the product lasts), those muscles cannot continue to develop and strengthen and turn into large folds or creases. Secondly, the longer you use wrinkle relaxers, and the earlier you start, the less product you need, this in turn ends up saving you money in the long term.

But as soon as you stop treatment don’t the muscles just go back to normal?

Yes – this is correct. However, this is why it is called “preventative treatment”. If you continue regular treatment of those muscles at 25, the muscles in that particular area cannot develop further.

So, am I too young to start having wrinkle relaxers?


Have I ever had the treatments myself?

Yes – in my forehead, frown lines, around my eyes and the bunny lines on my nose.