Practice Makes Perfect

by Gabi Mills for MQ Magazine

Dr Dennis Millard has the kind of bedside manner that, if bottled, could make him a fortune. As director of Utopian Cosmetics, his clients are treated to extra long appointments where he assesses every aspect of their cosmetic aspirations. The luxury of time is something those who’ve already discovered the Utopian difference wouldn’t swap for the world.

The talented doctor has always been interested in cosmetic medicine, a throw-back perhaps to his younger days as a male model.

That particular career path however was abruptly curtailed after a horrific surfing accident which resulted in Dr Millard breaking his neck and smashing up his face on the rocks.

“I was unconscious in the water, just off Brighton Beach in Scarborough, and my friend had  to pull me to shore and I had to go through major surgery to rebuild my face,” he says, touching his cheekbones which, it’s fair to say, you’d never know are now reinforced with metal plates.

During a medical placement in the emergency department on the east coast, Dr Millard was approached by a colleague to train in cosmetic medicine procedures and was hooked from then on.

Despite fulfilling a challenging and demanding ‘day job’ working in anaesthetics for the past five years, Dr Millard has recently opened his own cosmetic injectables practice – Utopian Cosmetics – and is fast becoming the professional of choice for those keen to improve a little on what nature gave them.

“Many injections in other practices are administered by nurses, but at Utopian Cosmetics we believe in giving a premium service which involves only doctors performing injections.

“We believe in our clients being in the best possible hands – and that means procedures performed by doctors.”

Wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, teeth grinding, hyperhidrosis (a treatment to stop excessive underarm sweating), hair loss and injection lipolysis are the most popular treatments on offer from Dr Millard and his team at Utopian Cosmetics.

“Dermal fillers, which can last from between six months to three years, can replace lost volume anywhere in the face, rejuvenating a person’s appearance in a really effective way, while lipolysis is a great way to ‘melt the muffin top’, especially when used over a series of treatments and in conjunction with an exercise regime to keep the fat cells from returning.”

Part of the Utopian Cosmetics’ point of difference is Dr Millard and the team’s gentle determination to get to know patients in depth, offering treatments which, based on his knowledge, will be of the most benefit.