There is a growing number of Australians choosing to undergo injection lipolysis, a cosmetic procedure aimed at dissolving and redistributing adipose tissues (fat stores).

Unlike liposuction and liposculpture that require surgery and include long recovery times, lipolysis is a non-invasive, non-surgical, low risk and highly effective treatment with almost little to no recovery time needed.

Utopian Cosmetics lead clinician and founder Dr Dennis Millard says lipolysis treatment is growing in popularity with many patients seeking extra help to control those problem areas which aren’t susceptible to neither a change in diet nor special exercise.

“It’s important to understand that injection lipolysis is not intended as a means of weight reduction, but rather a way of getting rid of those unwanted localised fat deposits often found within various trouble areas around the body,” says Dr Millard.

“It’s a gentle treatment and non-operative unlike liposuction however, to see visible results may take a little longer with many patients undergoing anywhere between one to six sessions over several months.”

“In many instances, patients are in fact pleased with this particular treatment as they find the slower rate of change not as confronting psychologically as there is not an abrupt transformation in their physical appearance.”

A possible factor that may account for the treatments’ growing popularity could be the due to the current understanding that once fat cells have been dissolved, they do not return provided weight remains consistent and a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

The lipolysis technique evolved from a combination of mesotherapy and intravenous injections which were originally trialed to dissolve fat deposits within blood vessels.

The procedure takes 15-30 minutes per session depending on the area of treatment with patients able to continue with their daily activities the same day.