Hair loss can be a stressful situation for both men and women. The reasons for hair loss can vary, caused by a range of factors including stress, medications, illnesses, or changes in hormone and testosterone levels. Permanent hair loss is generally genetic and predominantly affects males.

Hair growth follows a cycle, which in general lasts for two to three years. Hairs grow about 1cm per month and almost all of the hair on the scalp is growing at any one time. About 10 per cent of the hair on your head is in each a resting phase at which point it will fall out after three or four months and new hair grows in its place. It’s normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs from your head in one day. Balding occurs when hair loss exceeds the rate of hair growth.

Surgical procedures, such as hair transplant techniques, to treat baldness tend to be expensive and painful and run the risk of infection and scarring. Furthermore, many clinics will prescribe an oral medication to assist the hair re-growth process. This drug has a range of side effects for males including a decrease in libido and ability to achieve an erection, and whilst it may result in hair growing back faster, it is not necessary, which is why at Utopian Cosmetics, we do not prescribe this oral medication.

At Utopian Cosmetics, Dr Millard provides non-surgical hair regrowth solutions for both males and females. These solutions involve a topical ointment that can only be prescribed by a medical physician, as well as natural vitamins to support the hair growth. This treatment has no downtime or side effects and is a very cost effective treatment for balding.

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