A gummy smile is when a large portion of a person’s gums can be seen when they smile. There are several causes of a gummy smile, but one of the most common can be over-active muscles controlling the upper lip which pulls the lips up exposing large areas of gums. This can be easily corrected with a simple injection.

Using wrinkle relaxers and possibly dermal fillers, the treatment is designed to reduce the elevation of the upper lip, reducing the amount of gums shown when you smile. The dermal fillers replace lost volume if needed, which our Doctors will discuss with you during the consultation.

The procedure takes around 10 minutes and is virtually pain free.  If dermal fillers are used, our Doctors may ice the area before treatment. Patients will see the results within a few days and will last between three to six months for the wrinkle relaxers and up to two years when dermal fillers are used.

If you would like more information about this procedure or would like to book a consultation, please call us on 1300 311 755.


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