Everyone ages differently, lines and wrinkles, loss of volume in different areas of the face are all based on a range of lifestyle factors such as sun damage, smoking, skincare as well as genetic factors we have no control over. However there are common concerns people have, so we’ve created a list of the most common concerns and how to combat them:


As we age, we start developing lines and wrinkles around our eyes, forehead, frown lines and nose. These lines start to become permanent in some areas making us look older and tired. These lines are caused by facial muscles under the skin developing over time. Wrinkle relaxers are used to relax these muscles and stop them from contracting and becoming stronger. Using wrinkle relaxers over time prevents the muscles developing and trains them to not contract which result in less treatment required.

Hollowness of temples, under eyes and cheeks:

Whilst most people don’t want fat on their body, having fat in your face plumps areas resulting in a youthful appearance. As we get older, these fat pockets diminish resulting in a hollow appearance, or deep, dark circles under your eyes. Dermal fillers can be used to fill these areas of lost volume. The dermal fillers used at Utopian Cosmetics last between 18-36 months depending on the type used.

Fine lines around lips and lost volume in lips:

If you’ve ever been a smoker or spent a little too much time in the sun, you may notice fine lines start to appear around your lips. These lines can fixed using either dermal filler or wrinkle relaxers injected into the area. The product used depends on the person, within your consultation Dr Dennis will be able to recommend which is the best option for you.

Another sign of ageing is losing volume within your lips. At Utopian Cosmetics, we see hundreds of patients who want fuller but natural looking lips. Using dermal fillers injected into the lips, Dr Dennis can restore volume and contour your lips.

Nasolabial folds:

The nasolabial folds are the lines that run between the corner of your nose and to the outer corner of your mouth. Deep lines can result in dramatically ageing your face. Dermal fillers are used to restore the lost volume of these folds. The dermal fillers used by Utopian Cosmetics also contain an anaesthetic agent to numb the area whilst being treated, Dr Dennis may also decide to ice this area before treatment to ensure minimal pain.

Wrinkles on the neck and throat:

A common sign of ageing in older women and men is lines developing on the neck. The Nefertiti Lift is a new technique using wrinkle relaxers and in some cases fillers, to redefine the jawline and soften marionette lines on the neck. This counteracts the effects of ageing, loss of elasticity and sagging features.

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