This month we shared a risk that comes with lip injections on our Facebook page which sparked a conversation that we wanted to discuss as to why and how this happens.

A Sydney women recently experienced adverse reaction when she had dermal fillers administered to her lips. You can read the full article here by Yahoo 7.

Dermal fillers are a Scheduled 4 drug. Necrosis of the lip can occur when the needle accidentally punctures one of the main arteries resulting in a haematoma that has the result and effect of pressure necrosis on the overlying skin.

So what is a cosmetic Schedule 4 Drug? Currently cosmetic injections such as wrinkle relaxers and fillers are listed as Schedule 4 on the Poisons List, which require a prescription and must be administered under the supervision of a doctor. The reason we are touching on this point is to educate and caution the public to do their research on who is administering injectables, because unfortunately, there is a small percentage of dentists, nurses and beauticians who fly under the radar without Doctor supervision.

In Western Australia, the majority of nurses can legally administer treatments once a doctor has undertaken a face-to-face consultation with the patient and has prescribed the amount of product that can be used. This nurse may then administer the treatment, but cannot deviate from the doctors prescribed amount. According to AHPRA Guidelines, a doctor must also remain onsite at all times during the procedure. However this regulation can vary state to state which is where the confusion comes from.

As we know, nothing in this world is undertaken without risk, especially medical procedures, however having a medical professional with years of experience can help to negate these risks.

I have attached a few reference articles about inappropriate practice surrounding cosmetic injectables and several nurses and doctors ‘prescribing inappropriately’ who have lost their registration over the issue already. This blog has been posted in the hope to inform and encourage people to research who they are seeing for cosmetic treatments and to never compromise standards over price. Your health is far too important to risk it.