Bridezilla or ahead of the game? We discuss cosmetic trends this Wedding Season.

When we read an article in the New York Times about a bride gifting her bridesmaids wrinkle relaxers instead of your usual piece of jewellery to thank them for putting up with her outlandish demands, it got us thinking about how high the bar has been raised for wedding preparation.

At Utopian Cosmetics, we are seeing trends in bride’s requesting/pressuring/encouraging their groom and the wider bridal party to indulge in more heavy-duty skin care in the quest for a perfect bridal squad. And while no one is asking a pack of frozen faces to swan down the aisle, we thought it would be fun to explore the different treatment options for key members of the wedding.


For brides, a pre-wedding beauty routine commences months ahead of the big day. Between their training, skin, hair, nails and teeth, most women have a plan in place so they are in peak condition to walk down the aisle. A procedure that we have noticed between the engagement and wedding day is lip contouring. The doctors at Utopian Cosmetics recommend 1ml of dermal filler between the top and bottom lip. This dosage will help achieve a subtle plumping that seals the first wedded kiss perfectly.


Dr. Dennis chats man to man with the grooms of Perth in the lead up to their big day and see’s a trend in anxious grooms who’s nerves get the best of them, leading to excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) is an annoying and embarrassing problem that will ruin a tuxedo if not controlled on the most photographed day of your life. For many, excess sweating can be treated through the use of injections into the armpit. These injections block excretion of sweat by apocrine sweat glands and will keep the nervous groom looking cool, calm and collected.







Gone are the days of requesting your bridesmaid has a simple spray tan. Bridesmaids are opting for wrinkle relaxers to achieve smooth, glowing skin. When using wrinkle injections for a wedding, it’s all about the crows feet, the brow lift and stopping frown lines. With hours of smiling or staring into the sun for photos, patients want to minimise the amount of creases on their face. Utopian recommends wrinkle relaxers 1-2 months prior to the big day so the treatment has settled and there is still movement in the face for a more natural appearance.







If anyone is going to suffer a headache, we pick the father of the bride just from seeing the final invoice of the wedding! Chronic Migraines can be debilitating for sufferers often experiencing 15 or more ‘head ache’ days per month. To perform the treatment, our expert Doctors will inject multiple doses of the medicine in specific points along the bridge of the nose, the temples, the forehead, the back of the head, the neck, and the upper back to loosen up the tension in the muscle. Medicine needs to be administered over two treatments, 12 weeks apart to determine how well the treatment is working for you. Treatment can last up to 6 months, perfect in the lead up to your princess’s perfect day.


If an older person is coming in for a total rejuvenation we could assess if a Liquid Facelift would be suitable – also known as an 8-point lift. This is a minimally invasive, non-surgical approach to achieving a rejuvenated and youthful appearance that would be perfect for the Mother of the Groom. Using dermal fillers, the liquid face-lift relaxes wrinkles, softens facial folds, adds volume and lifts sagging skin to create a refreshed and vibrant appearance lasting up to 3 years. It is suitable for men or women who look older or more tired than they feel. While some patients choose to use multiple fillers in one visit, many patients decide to stage their treatments for a gradual improvement over time.






Well there you have it, a range of cosmetic and medical treatments on offer from Utopian Cosmetics to help prepare the people of Perth for their big day. So now the question stands, who will be joining the bride for a visit to Utopian Cosmetics?

*This blog is simply a showcase of services and not a restriction on who can or cannot have the mentioned treatments. Individual results may vary, always consult a medical doctor.