Dermal fillers for lips can provide patients beautiful results, however we have all seen images of people who have just taken it too far. The ‘trout pout’ is caused when practitioners inject too much product into the wrong parts of the lips.

There is an artistry involved in injecting dermal fillers into the lips, the desired shape, vermillion border, cupids bow, the ratio between top and bottom lips and the type of dermal filler required must all be taken into consideration before injecting into a person’s lips.

Dr Millard has undertaken extensive training in perfecting the lips, he understands the importance of maintaining a natural looking result and enhancing the features his patients already have. “No one wants over-filled, rubbery looking lips. It’s important to take into consideration people’s lip shape and other facial features, it’s not a one size fits all procedure”

The dermal fillers used at Utopian Cosmetics last between 18 – 24 months can easily be dissolved out of the area if necessary. The procedure takes around 15 minutes to administer and there is no down time.

If you would like more information or to book a consultation with Dr Millard to discuss your options, call us on 1300 311 755.

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