1. It doesn’t freeze your face

Wrinkle relaxers are a natural purified protein used to relax the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. Dr Millard explains “It relaxes facial muscles that cause dynamic and static lines when you smile or frown, which smooth’s out lines and prevents new ones forming.”

2. There’s a range of wrinkle relaxer brands available on the market

In Australia, regulations state that businesses cannot advertise the names of the wrinkle relaxers they use, this makes it difficult for patient’s to know who is using what. There are three main makers of wrinkle relaxers in Australia, all ranging in quality and cost. Cheapest doesn’t always mean best and when it comes to your face, you shouldn’t risk using an inferior product to save a small amount of money. Research what’s available and ask questions. At Utopian Cosmetics, you can be assured we use the world’s most highly respected brand.

3. Injecting is an art

When choosing a practitioner, patients must educate themselves in the training they have undertaken. Did you know that one day courses are available? This isn’t long enough. “You really have to know where to place the wrinkle relaxer, it takes a long time to perfect the treatments” Dr Millard explains. “You need to understand how injecting product into one muscle will affect the rest of the face. It’s not a one size fits all treatment”.

4. It’s not just used for your upper face

Wrinkle relaxers are a whole face shaper. Most people believe that it is only used for your upper face (the lines on your forehead, around eyes and frown lines). Wrinkle relaxers can also be used to fix bunny lines on your nose, contour your lower face, diminish the lines above your lips and contour your neck.

Not many people know that they are also used for medical purposes including treatments for bruxism (teeth grinding), stopping migraines and chronic headaches and for hyperhidrosis (excess sweating in armpits).

5. It costs less than your daily coffee

Costs vary depending on the product used this is due to the quality of the product. The wrinkle relaxers used at Utopian Cosmetics are produced by the industry leader and are the most reliable product available, the average spend is around $550 and the results last up to four months. That’s the same investment as your daily cappuccino.

6. It can only be prescribed by a medically trained Doctor

Before undergoing any treatment, by law, patients must undergo a face-to-face consultation with a medically trained Doctor before any treatment is administered (no – Skype or phone isn’t suitable). It is important your practitioner spends time with you to learn your needs and medical history and is onsite in case of emergency.


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